My Favorite Visual Studio Code Extensions

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I use Visual Studio Code recently as my main editor replacing Atom. Since 0.10, Visual Studio Code supports extension (package in Atom/Sublime). By default, Visual Studio Code has embedded useful extensions such as Git and Emmet. I found other useful extensions to improve my productivity. Here they are:

Editor Config

Editor Config support for Visual Studio code. Very useful if you use editor config in your project.


This extension integrates Dash documentation in Visual Studio Code. You can search text in specific documentation or all documentation. It will open the Dash and show the results based on the selected text.

ES Lint

An extension to integrate ES Lint, one of the best javascript linter, to Visual Studio Code.

Travis CI Status

Very handy to see Travis CI Status directly in Visual Studio Code. I have some repositories that I manage which I found useful to see its travis CI status immediately.

Angular 1 Snippets

Made by John Papa to match his angular style guide. It contains many useful snippets such as controller, service and directive.